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How to Select the Right Lights for Your New Home

February 16, 2023

How to Select the Right Lights for Your New Home

The right lighting can instantly change the look of your home. From light type, layering, style and scale – these factors all contribute to bring the desired aesthetic to your space. Here are some helpful tips from the Butler Homes Design Center that can help you make confident decisions on your lighting.

Pictured: Living room in the 2022 Parade of Homes 1st Place winner, the Breckenridge 

Function of the room

When selecting your lights, always consider how the room is going to function. For instance, working areas like kitchens and laundry rooms, need to incorporate task lighting. For kitchens, you can use direct lighting like can lights and stream-lined under cabinet lighting. For living areas requiring more ambient lighting, consider incorporating chandeliers, flush/semi flush mounts, or lighting on your fan in your living room, bedroom, or dining room.

Pictured: Premier Kitchen in the 2022 Parade of Homes 1st Place winner, the Breckenridge 

Layer your lighting

In the land of lighting, less is not more. Adding layers of light is key to creating functional spaces throughout your home. The purpose of your room will determine which sources of light you can keep adding. An example of correct light layering could be adding statement pendant lights above the island in addition to flush can lights in your kitchen area. Layering can even go beyond ceiling fixtures with decorative accent lights like sconces and lamps. Creating layers of light can be not only aesthetically pleasing, but incredibly functional! 

Pictured: Master Bathroom in the 2022 Parade of Homes 1st Place winner, the Breckenridge 

Staying consistent

Staying consistent with the elements of your lighting creates a cohesive atmosphere. This doesn’t mean you have the same fixtures throughout - your lighting doesn’t even need to come from the same collection to create a harmonious space!  Try to find one consistent characteristic that each of your lighting pieces can have in common. Remember to keep in mind the overall design of your home, traditional homes may not want to choose an ultra-modern light fixture that will disrupt the style of your home. This will keep your lighting interesting but unified.

Pictured: Master Bedroom in the 2022 Parade of Homes 1st Place winner, the Breckenridge 

Scale of your fixture

It’s true - size matters! Always consider the scale of your light fixture in relation to your ceiling height. Unless you are choosing a light for over your dining room table, you will always want to have at least 7’ from the floor to the bottom of the fixture. Along with height, keep in mind the placement of your lights for the width of your fixture. This could inhibit the installation of your lights. For example, if you are choosing a sconce for your bathroom, the width needs to be kept in mind so that it works with the vanity and mirrors.

With these tips from the design team at Butler Homes, you can select the perfect lighting solutions to create the perfect ambiance in every room. Remember, lighting is not just a practical necessity, but a critical aspect of home design that can transform the look and feel of your living space! 

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