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Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficient Homes

At Butler Homes, we include as our standard, quality energy efficiencies features that many builders consider upgrades. We like to keep the hot and cold air outside and your family comfortable and cozy inside and we do this at no additional costs to you.

R-15 Blown-In-Blanket (BIB) system wall insulation

Many builders use the standard R-13 batt insulation that not only has a lower R Value, but leaves gaps and holes around things like electrical boxes and pipes. Not only does our blown-in insulation give you a higher R Value, it completely fills in around pipes, wires, and other objects inside the wall cavity, eliminating costly voids and air gaps. All this translates to considerable savings

R-38 blown-in attic insulation in the attic whereas many install the industry standard R-32.

The acceptable standard for attic insulation in Oklahoma is R-32. We only install a minimum of R - 38 in every home. This translates to not only substantial costs savings to you, but provides a more comfortable home and environment for your family.

R-8 Insulated Heat and Air Ducting. The standard utilized is R-6.

When it comes to efficiency of heat insulation R6 ducting is less efficient than R8 ducting. R8 reduces energy loss by approximately 2 percent, which is equivalent to consuming less energy by 3 percent.

Foam Sealant.

All exterior penetrations are foam sealed by an expert technician, even the small low voltage wire for your doorbell gets sealed off from the outside elements!

Other Standard Energy Efficiency features that are considered upgrades for many other builders:

  • 100% LED light bulbs
    Saves energy and money for you
    o With ratings as high as 40,000 hours of burn time, you won’t be changing light bulbs very often

  • Low E and Argon glass in all windows

  • Low E glass in your exterior doors

  • Radiant barrier attic roof decking
    o Radiant barrier decking, compared to typical roof decking keeps your attic 30 to 40 degrees cooler. What’s this mean to you, the homeowner? Your monthly air conditioning bill can be reduced by as much as 17%!