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Our Process

Our Process

Another way we go #BeyondTheBuild at Butler Homes is our simplified process. After over 20 years in the industry, educating our clients has become not just paramount in a great build experience but necessary. We involve our clients as much possible to ensure constant communication about your project from financing to final pre-closing walkthrough! 

Step 1


With over 30 unique plans to choose from, finding your perfect floorplan to build into a home in a subdivision or on your lot is the first step! Check out all our plans on our Homepage under the "Find Your Home" tab.

Step 2


Where do you want to live? Browse our COMMUNITIES tab to find the right subdivision to build your forever home. 

Have your own land? Check out the BUILD ON YOUR LAND page under "Find Your Home". Our Butler representatives can assist in answering any questions your have to be able to build on your own lot. 

Step 3


Getting pre-approved from your lender is essential early on the building process. Our PREFERRED LENDERS can help assist with this and answer your financial questions before taking the leap. Once you have your pre-approval letter from your institution, it's as easy as emailing to your Butler rep so you can move forward in the process of building your dream home.

Step 4


Once your pre-approval letter is received,  we move on to personalize your plan. Browse our PERSONAL OPTIONS to enhance your home with the elements that work for the way you live. Want the study to be larger? Wish the elevation could have a more Modern Farmhouse look? Need a larger patio? These and many more modifications can be made to personalize your plan to how your family lives. Personal Options include a myriad of items like under cabinet lighting in the kitchen, upgraded fixtures, and more. Selecting PERSONAL OPTIONS early on helps determine the final price of your home before you even sign the contract, helping you stay within budget. 

Step 5


Once you have personalized your floorplan and PERSONAL OPTIONS, you will sign your building contract. After this, we send your personalized floorplan off to the architect to be officially drawn up.

Step 6


After your contract is signed, your Butler Representative will schedule a Selections Meeting for your home. This time is spent reviewing each area of your home to select colors, materials and other amenities for your build. This includes: Kitchen Hardware, Interior/Exterior Paint, Countertops, and a myriad of other areas. 

At Butler Homes, we make our selection process seamless by selecting everything early in the build process. This ensures timely delivery (especially in a COVID-19 world), and a quick build. Doing all the Selections at the beginning also helps clients visualize their home completely in the design process instead of having meetings every few months for different areas.  

Step 7


After your selection meeting, you will be contacted by your construction superintendent to meet at your job site at the first milestone of building your home: the footing. Here you will meet your superintendent face-to-face and set up expectations for updates and communication about your build. 

Step 9


This is the longest part! Weather, scheduling and subcontractors all have to cooperate to finish the foundation, framing and any inspections along the way. 

Step 10


We are getting closer! The superintendent will contact you for a Pre-Drywall walkthrough of your home. At this stage, the home will be framed so you can see different rooms, but the superintendent will confirm placement of necessary items like HDMI, electrical outlets, etc. before the walls are put up. 

Step 11


This is the only item you won't select at your Selections Meeting. Each Butler plan has a lighting allowance based on the over frame square footage of the plan, anything purchased above this can be paid to Lifestyles directly so you can be sure to get the perfect lighting you envision in your space! The Butler representative at Lifestyles Lighting will contact you to come to their location and select the lighting fixtures for every area of your home after your build reaches frame stage.

Step 12


Your closing is coming up, but before closing you will be invited to your new home after it's been cleaned and do a walk-through & orientation. Led by your superintendent, homeowners note anything that needs attention in each room with blue tape so we can perfect it before your closing! This is also where we introduce you to your new home with any tutorials on operating items in the home and maintenance info.

Step 13


The day is finally here! You get to visit the title company to sign your closing documents, get your home warranty and most importantly - the keys to your new Butler home!

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