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What Made Magnolia: Behind the Design of our 1st Place Parade Home

June 21, 2024

What Made Magnolia: Behind the Design of our 1st Place Parade Home

Introducing the Magnolia, the latest award-winning home in Butler Homes' illustrious collection, recently crowned with 1st place and Best Interior Design at the 2024 Parade of Homes. This enchanting floorplan captivates from the wallpapered landscape mural gracing the wainscoted dining area to the sumptuous Venetian plaster adorning the fireplace. Join us as we delve into the materials and creative vision behind this award-winning design from the Butler Homes Design Center. 

The living room of the Magnolia is a masterclass in sophisticated design, featuring a Venetian plastered fireplace serving as the central focal point of the room. This exquisite fireplace face was complemented by a dark walnut-stained mantle, adding a touch of rich, earthy elegance. Soft linen curtains frame the wall of windows, while Benjamin Moore's White Dove adorns the walls, providing a crisp and clean backdrop. 

The Magnolia kitchen is a stunning example of modern design. A Venetian plaster vent hood hovers gracefully over the cool, bright space, created by Benjamin Moore's White Dove walls and Pale Oak trim and cabinets. These neutral elements allow the room's colored features to stand out prominently: a beautifully stained island in dark walnut, topped with a New Venatino Beige granite countertop, and vibrant Miramichi cabinets that provide a bold contrast. This harmonious blend of colors and textures makes the kitchen both visually striking yet complementary. 

The styled dining area is a captivating corner off the living room combining classic and contemporary design elements. Featuring elegant wainscoting and rustic wood beams, this space is highlighted by Miramichi on the wainscoting from Benjamin Moore. But the star of the show is the statement wallpaper, a stunning mural-like design Scenic Floral Wall Mural in Teal by York Wall Coverings, this eye-catching wallpaper transforms the dining area into a whimsical and inviting retreat, making it a standout feature of the Magnolia. 

The primary bathroom of the Magnolia plan exudes a soft, feminine charm, balanced by striking dark fixtures. The space is adorned with a beautiful soft blue wallpaper, Next Ditsy Leaf in Duck Egg by Graham & Brown, which brings a sense of tranquility and elegance. Carerra Classic quartz countertops add a touch of timeless luxury, while Urbanize White floor tiles and Raku White glossy wall tiles maintain a serene, neutral palette. Large mirrors and a built-in makeup counter complete the look, creating a harmonious blend of grace and functionality.

In the Magnolia, the office serves as a perfect example of the latest design trend: color drenching. This innovative approach involves painting an entire space in the same color, extending beyond just the walls to include ceilings, trim, doors, furniture, and other accessories. By immersing the room in Benjamin Moore's Atmospheric, a serene and calming shade of blue, the Magnolia’s office transforms into a cohesive, visually striking sanctuary. Color drenching creates a unified and immersive environment, often utilizing vivid, bold, and playful hues to make a statement.

The Magnolia not only redefines contemporary living but also sets an unparalleled standard for what a dream home can achieve. Whether you're drawn to its whimsical touches or inspired by its meticulous craftsmanship, the Magnolia stands as a true testament to the transformative power of thoughtful design, inviting us all to envision the heights of luxurious living when you go #BeyondtheBuild. 

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