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A Wish from the Heart...or Toes!

February 2, 2022

A Wish from the Heart...or Toes!

By Victoria Smith, Butler Homes LLC

I volunteered to be a Santa’s helper. A local bank gave each shopper a $75 allowance to help a child from the Tulsa Dream Center, a local non-profit, to get gifts to make their Christmas bright.  I met an eight year old girl who only wanted to shop for items for her little brother instead of herself!  I told her this was her blessing, so she chose pajamas because “she had never had any”, warm boots and a single toy. We wrapped up our shopping and at the checkout counter she said, with bright eyes “Oh, you know it would be so nice to have some socks!”

I was briefly conflicted as the volunteers were strongly encouraged to stay within the spending limit to keep things fair for all the children, but I could not stop thinking this little girl needing her socks! I noticed earlier when we had tried on some boots her socks were ragged with bare threads.  In fact, all her clothing items seemed to have been handed down numerous times.

I left there with tears streaming - this little girl and her brother, and all the other children in our community need socks! Out of that moment, the Lord watered a seed of need. 


Socks are the most overlooked and most needed items at clothing banks across the nation and they are an immediate need right here at the Tulsa the Dream Center - especially during this cold snap.

So I know times are hard, but if the Lord speaks to your heart would you consider going to the Amazon link to select a package of socks? Or if you are unable to give, just share our post for others to see! 

My employer, Butler Homes, has "felt the love" and put together a very special box just for her family with help from our supporting business partners and neighbors. AND if you want to give, you will help us fulfill a little one's dream and need of having some new, fuzzy warm socks!

All donations will go to the Tulsa Dream Center for children in need in honor of our selfless girl. Please send only new items - other essentials are welcome!

The address is hidden on the WishList, however if you prefer not using Amazon, you can mail socks directly to: Feel the Love, C/O Butler Homes, 107 S Ash Ave., Broken Arrow, OK 74012