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When is it Too Late to Change or Upgrade Items in my New Home?

August 12, 2020

When is it Too Late to Change or Upgrade Items in my New Home?

By Travis Butler, Owner of Butler Homes LLC

You wouldn’t order a brand-new Toyota Camry but wait until the car is almost done to tell the manufacturer what color you want the vehicle, right? A superior automobile manufacturer like Toyota needs to have the tools and information from the consumer to build the right product early on.

Though we build homes instead of cars—the process is similar. Consumers can customize their homes with selections, the products you are choosing to build your home with such as tile, paint and granite.  

Selections are decided upon by the future homeowners before the home is even built. Making the selections before construction even begins allows builders to accomplish the same thing as car manufacturers – delivering the product in an on-budget and timely fashion.

Postponing selection decisions until they are needed on the job can be a recipe for disaster. Especially in the home building industry, delaying these choices can result in a domino effect on other aspects of the build like delayed completion dates or the cost of having to remove other product to accommodate the new selections.

The horror stories of this lack of process can be avoided by making your home selection decisions as early in your build as possible. At Butler, it is our job as home building professionals to guide in these decisions while coordinating a smooth build process so you can sit back and enjoy the actual process of your home being built.

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